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Founded in 2013, DDDD Studio own by DAYANA RAMLI ENTERPRISE (002465551-A) was first known as Dynaddayn. It started as a small part-time business while the founder was studying. So, Dynaddayn acted only as a dropshipping agent and sold her handmade DIY accessories during that time. After a year, it was temporarily on hiatus as the founder needed to focus on her final collections.

Marked on September 2015, Dynaddayn has made its comeback by becoming an agent for one of the famous modest fashion brands in Indonesia. Dynaddayn also offers made-to-measure service as the founder has officially graduated from her university. Since then, it was renamed DDDD Boutique (now Studio) and started her own collections, including crochet accessories, by September 2016.

Vision: To be one of the best and well-known fashion designers/ brands in the fashion world.

Mission: To develop and introduce more unique silhouettes and styles for fashion lovers to try on as a challenge especially in Malaysian fashion market.

DDDD is made especially for the adventurous generation who likes to try and explore new things,

love to express themselves and be unique!