Ready for SS23?

Dear DDDDiary and hi pixies,

We’re finally writing our first DDDDiary post! The first would be a “What’s IN?” post for you to get ready for SS23 that can guide you if you want to customize your dresses for next Spring/Summer… for Eid perhaps? Or even just any occasions for the season~

So, what’s it? One of the trends would be this gorgeous little trick at the waistline: Drop-waist dresses and skirts.

Here at DDDD, with the tagline of bringing you adventurous pieces, we actually made one last year for SS21, and even got the colour right ahead of the peak time~ The colour is close to Basil, the green colour that appeared in Milan Fashion Week.

DDDD fairy was actually inspired by the dresses worn by Jang Man Wol, portrayed by IU in Hotel del Luna and Ko Moon Young by Seo Ye Ji in It’s Okay to not be Okay.

She was so in love with their dresses in the dramas and finally came up with her own design that has the characteristics of a drop-waist line and some ruffles for our own styles made using embroidered cotton.

This is a 2-piece dress consisting of a top and a skirt instead of a straight-up 1-piece dress. So, you can wear them individually and pair them with your other favourite pieces, too~

We thought it won’t be a trend anymore but look, it’s becoming even more popular nowadays! That’s why she always looked up to K styles cause she was sure that whatever they were wearing in that certain year (moreover, if worn during year-end award shows) were actually trends for the upcoming year.

Keep up for more trendy designs coming pixies… hope you enjoyed the post and we’re sure you’re one step ready for ss23 now~